Work On Difficult Terrain


Manitou offers its customers all-terrain efficiency, 4 wheel drive and steering to work on rough terrain to complete a wide variety of daily tasks.


- All functions are covered:

Preparing a concrete base, installing a mesh or casting concrete requires versatility on the site. The variety of MT machines (particularly the MT10 or MT14) with their wide range of attachments including concrete buckets, buckets, forks and jibs, are used to work in the many diverse construction projects. Its telescopic boom reaches over Obstacles and guarantees delivery on demand, positioning materials exactly where you need them.


- Easy unloading:

Unloading pallets of materials on all types of terrain or in narrow spaces requires Manoeuvrable machines. To cope with narrow passageways, the compact MT range facilitates storage to save essential space on restricted sites. This rationalisation of space is also possible with the masted forklift truck which is very compact, it can be used for unloading in small areas which are difficult to access, for better stock management.


- Effortless ground preparation:

Removing plant cover or handling soil

Requires productive large-capacity machines. No matter what the terrain, the MT with is traction and performance is ideal to remove top soil. The MLB backhoe loader can remove the surface  and excavates the subsoil with vary rapid cycle times.




- Precision handling of lateral loads:

Manitou combines strength and precision to lift different building structures

- Facilitate operations at height:

Installing metal or wooden structures for an industrial building or farm shed often requires a lot of handling operations at height. To limit risks and improve productivity, the MRT with its high load capacity is used to lift complete units which have been pre-assembled. Once the structure is in position, the assembly team on the ATJ access platform can comfortably assemble the structure.


- Position loads to the nearest millimeter:

Positioning beams, installing prefabricated concrete or form panels requires great precision during the installation of these heavy, bulky loads that provide the framework for the entire construction.

The MT range with its variety of equipment can place beams to the nearest millimetre. With the MRT’s 3600 rotation, prefabricated concrete is installed rapidly without moving the machine and is extremely intuitive with its radio control.


- Efficient supply:

Placing pallets directly in the middle of a concrete slab or on top of scaffold ensures efficiency and working comfort. When installing peripheral and partition walls the MT provides easy handling of supplies such as building blocks, bricks or chipboard without the need to reposition. The MT eliminates the need for constant reloading and improves the profitability of every operation.


….Roof the whole structure


Manitou develops many patented systems to ensure site safety.


- Bring materials closer to the workforce:

Distributing a pallet of slates or tiles, close to the roofer is possible with the MT. Bringing materials close to the working area provides comfort and limits labour. Even filling a block wall with concrete is simplified with the MT as it can distribute concrete from the top of the gable. Using a radio control increases the autonomy of these handling operations.    


- Work at height in complete safety:

Installing trusses or any part of the wooden framework means working at height.

To install these assemblies, the MRT is the right solution.

After installing the framework, the trusses can be positioned accurately. The MT “A” range with its access platform, can install guttering and fascias.


….Finish the whole structure


Manitou improves its customer’s productivity by enabling them to work efficiently.


- Access to a wide working area:

 Cladding panels are often used to cover large areas like sports halls or industrial buildings. The challenge is to reduce site immobilization time; you must limit the time needed for the installation of heavy structures and the movement of machinery. The 150 TP, with a working area of more than 170 m2  provides the accessibility you need; likewise, the MT can provide access to all levels of the building including overhang or underside.


- Work on the building’s exterior:

Transforming the exterior of the building as part of a refurbishment project. The MT range can assist in the positioning of build materials, even when there are obstacles to negotiate, thereby providing a quick and easy solution.


Make the structure operational


Manitou knows how to be indispensable even inside the building.


- Working inside from the outside:

Carrying internal build materials inside a site can be difficult and yet materials must be stored in a dry place as soon as they are brought to the site. To avoid untidy storage and repetitive handling, the MRT can take the materials from the bed of the truck across soft ground and deposit them inside a building can also be used for unloading, storage and even installation from the outside.


- Commissioning the whole structure:

Electricity connection and air-conditioning installation take place at a late stage of industrial construction. The AETJ electric access platform can be used to move around inside a building and provide access to various structures for the attachment of cables. Its technicality is such that it can easily avoid obstacles and position pipes and other network at the site of operations. The 60V access platform provides the same advantages for lower buildings.


- Real-time supply: 


Distributing pallets inside an industrial or commercial building involves a great deal of manoeuvrability. The MH, a compact machine, is ideal for moving around inside buildings and is powerful enough for outdoor use also. It is possible to create s storage area outside the building and distribute supplies in accordance with the demand. This organization provides more working space inside the building, limiting risks and eliminating the need for multiple handling operations. A stacker can also be used for repetitive handling  jobs which must be done quickly; small loads can be carried while avoiding the risk of accidents.


Improve existing structures


Manitou supports its customers during renovation.


- Exterior renovation:

Cleaning exterior or restoring an historic building is heavy work requiring many types of equipment; the ATJ, is a highly flexible solution. Its off set or overhang means it can cope with obstacles and renovate all parts of the construction project. For work on tall monuments such as a castle, the MRT is the key. Combining flexibility, precision and confidence up to 41 metres.  



- Selective demolition:

Removing asbestos panels or dismantling a metal structure is a delicate job requiring dexterity and precaution; respecting the environ-ment it a growing concern and selective sorting of demolition waste can be carried out with the MT range. On depollution sites, procedures are even stricter to protect workers. The MRT with its roofing platform ensures clean and safe dismantling as well as removal for total decontamination of a site.


- Optimise energy-related constructions:


Internal or external insulation to save energy is becoming a priority. This challenge, which is common to all construction companies, can be facilitated by the MT which provides handling at working height for all materials via the outside. For internal insulation the twisco with its excellent Manoeuvr ability can bring materials to any part of the building.