SCISSOR LIFT & BOOM LIFT | Xe Nâng Người Z-Boom 170 AETJ L

Maniaccess Sereis AETJ

A solution matched to your personnel lift needs


Building on its recognized in the design and manufacture of handling machines, MANITOU has developed a new range of electric self-propelled platform. The new AETJ platform ensure maximum user safety and optimum dependability. Designed to suit all working environments, the new platform of the AETJ range will provide you increased productivity in your industrial maintenance operations.



+ Compactness


The narrow chassis of the “Compact” models allow access to cramped or cluttered spaces. They also make it easy for you to manoeuvre in aisles or storage areas.


With an overall height of less than 2 metres, the AETJs can easily get into buildings through standard doors. 


+ Transport and storage


-         Lightweight

The lightness of the AETJ L models reduces the ground pressure and makes the platforms easy to transport. 


- The loading operations are made easy by the small dimensions and the various slinging points.

The ground clearance and the large wheel diameter make it easy to drive over ramps.


+ Accessibility in space


- Outreach, up-and-over clearance, height.


The 170 AETJ L is one of the rare electric machines in the market offering a working height of 17 m. The exceptional outreach and up-and-over clearance increase accessibility at heights.


The 120 AETJ C offers the best accessibility in its category with its height, reach and up-and-over clearance 


+ 3D Option


For increased accessibility, the 120 and 150 AETJ C models can be fitted with the 3D option to easily get round pipes and worm its way between the framework beams or girders of your buildings.


+ Kinematics


The AETJ series boom design enables the operator to work along the working surface without moving the machines.

The swing boom improves the working area at telescopic boom end. With basket rotation, the user in facing the work.



+ Roughness

The reinforced boom structure increases rigidity, enhances comfort of use and reduces platform swinging in space


+ Durability


The large boom cross-section and protection of all components make the AETJs machines built to last


+ Stability


The combined rigidity of the boom and chassis provide high platform stability, which means user safety



+ Working comfort


The ergonomics, quick familiarization and ease of user keep the operator’s attention focused on safety.


+ The controls


Are clearly identified for quick familiarization. The movements controlled by the electric proportional joystick are smoother and more accurate.


+ The protective cover

 Protects the control unit from dirty work ( painting, high-pressure cleaning, etc.) and weather.


+ The double guard rails


Inside the basket avoid  crushed hands.


+ The openwork platform fkoor


Improves floor visibility.


+ Simple to use.


- Electric propulsion

The high-capacity traction batteries cater for everyday use. This quiet practical propulsion is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


- Simple servicing


A display with a hour indicator on the lower control unit is used to monitor the battery.

Easy access to the various component of the machine makes for quick and easy servicing.


- Integrated maintenance


Servicing is quicker and easier with the CAN bus technology. Quickly read “error codes” provide immediate diagnosis and solutions.



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